Finally a functional WLAN on the last day of our trip to the USA. We are at some relative’s house in Bloomington right now and tomorrow our flight back to Germany will be. 🙁

We had a great, great time the last few days and the number of pictures does not reflect the number of impressions, beloved people and experiences we met or made. But first things first.

After our stay in Washington we went to Fredericksburg to meet Sandra and her husband John. This was definitely one of the favorites of our trip. They are such great persons and we had a real great time with them! Thanks again, folks!

A note to the picture with the thumbs down: This was the answer to the question, how good Dunkin’ Donuts is compared to the fresh baked donuts we had at that moment. 😉

Fredericksburg is a city with history, just like all these …burg places are. One of the first battles in the American Civil War took place here.

After the time with Sandra and John our trip through the Midwest of the USA started. We saw the whole things, like trailer parks, abandoned farmes, huge bearded farmers sitting in rocking chairs – I am sure they all had a shotgun in arms reach. We saw Germany valley, completely unexpected. We drove hundreds of miles thru rural regions with no cellphone connection for hours. Remember the scenery every “cabin in the woods” movie starts with? It was exactly like it!

We’ve seen”Springfield, but no Simpsons. We’ve seen London, Athens and Columbus. We’ve seen the heart of the Midwest.

And finally we’ve reached Chicago to prepare for the event, which was the initial cause of the trip: the wedding of Edda and Sean.

Chicago was great and we had a great suite in a fantastic hotel, which had an appeal like the “Shining”-Hotel when walked late at night. Loved it!

In Chicago we even found a supermarket I feel jealous about, since it was even better then German supermarkets, which I thought is not possible. They had a huge amount of fresh foods and really good fish and meat, fresh baked pizza from the coal oven, a huge salad bar and on and on… visit “Whole Foods”, if you ever see one.

After Chicago we had a great time with my old friends from university and on Edda’s and Sean’s wedding. Felt great to see you all again! Thank you Edda and Sean and all the best for your future.

No pictures or stories from here on, for one or another reason. 😉 The participants will get the pictures after we returned to Germany.

Now we spent our last night in the house of the son of my grandmothers sister. A special thanks to Gene and his family for the warm welcome. We’ll stay in touch!

What is left to say?

This was one of the best trips I had in a long time. The USA is sometimes overwhelming, sometimes a bit to much but mostly lovely and far from it’s sometimes bad image which is shared in Germany – mostly by people who never been to the US I fear. There may be some differences, but for every difference there are a whole lot more similarities!

The people are nice, charming and always helpful, something I miss in Germany sometimes!

I liked it a lot, thanks to all we’ve met!!!

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