Hey folks,

I am way behind plan, but here is day 1 after New York City: Washington D. C. We’re so lucky with the weather so far, since the only rain, we faced, was at the evening of our arrival in the U. S. and on the way to Washington D. C. in the car. All others days are shiny bright sunshine.
Well, we’ve arranged a stay in the Microhaus, a small garage which was converted into a small house, completely with bath, kitchen and separated bedroom. There even was a garden included. Check out the pictures, it was marvelous!
After an exhausting breakfast a great place (The Highlands, 14th St.) we did the memorial tour and visited the White House. It’s impressive to see the stuff you always see on TV.
And fortunately we were in D. C. on the Memorial Day Weekend and the Americans love their memorials. The whole city is crowded with bikers and veterans.
Today’s pictures are a bit architectural but the next days will have more fun in them.
I promise!

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