On our last day in New York City we had the opportunity to have some tickets for the newly – and newly means the day before – opened 9/11 memorial museum.

It was overwhelming. The 9/11 attack in my opinion is the moon landing of our generation. Every one of us knows where he was at 9/11/2001. No matter how you stand to the U. S. of A. this just wasn’t right!

The installation at the former location of the two towers is really impressive. The waterfalls in the bottomless hole is really giving you an idea of what happened and the museum is definitely worth a visit. It is a well done presentation of what happened and what it means.

Just look at the pictures!

After the museum, we got out rental car and spent the next 5 hours on our way to Washington D. C.

I tell you what, Downtown Manhattan is a fucked up place to go by car. And our TomTom navigation system was a real mess. It instructed us three times to leave the interstate just to let us turn around back on the interstate. We won the price for the lowest toll ever, being 35 cents, as we stayed on the interstate for about 5 minutes one time. Than I chose to use my iPhone and the Navigon app to lead us to Washington.

But we’ve finally arrived at Washington and more is yet to come!

A few final words to New York: The city is an experience and by means worth a visit, but it’s to loud – hell it’s louder than Palma di Mallorca! – and Manhattan is such a busy place… I could not live there for even a short time!


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