Laid back today!

Started in 110th street for a trip to Chinatown and Little Italy. I can definitely recommend a visit to the Columbus Park in Chinatown, where we saw gambling, listened to Asian musicians and had Asian take-away food in a relaxed atmosphere.

Little Italy wasn’t that relaxing, since the restaurants there really, really want you to come in and they even have gratuity on their bills, which is – what I heard from locals – pretty much illegal. And if you ask me, it’s an insult. I have manners and I am generally very generous concerning tips… if you don’t force me, to give them!

Anyway, we finished the day in Strawberry Fields in memory of John Lennon. For those who don’t know, Strawberry Fields is next to 72nd street 1 west, where John Lennon was shot and it’s an area, which Yoko sponsored for John’s remembrance.

We finished the day listening to Beatles’ songs, feeding birds and watching aged, former German hippie girls thinking about the past.

It it was another great day in NYC.

Come join us!

P. S. I like my new camera! How about you?

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