Sorry for running out of the scheme, but the times are busy here. Didn’t make too many pictures the last few days, but got me a new camera, which I will use now to get better pictures, because I am really pis*** with the quality of the pictures below.

Anyway, we had a great time the last two days. We’ve been in Brooklyn,Harlem – if, by chance you ever will be there, visit Red Rooster’s! – and on the Empire State Building – definitely get the more expensive express tickets, it’s worth it, otherwise you will wait about two hours in several lines and the feeling two walk past every waiting line alone is worth the money, not to mention the others anger seeing you! :-P.

You can spend your days here just walking around and watching people. It’s amazing!

More is yet to come!

P. S. Oh yeah, and we’ve been jogging in Central Park, so I can check that on my list “What to do in once in life”. 🙂

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